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You Rocked this year


This year you helped PPWND accomplish so many goals and aspirations. Because of you, we pushed; we were able to improve so many challenges from the year before.

Wage increase and more shift opportunities 

CRM system implementation and training 
Employee uniforms and appearance standards 

Improvement of Customer acquisitions and relations 


At the end of each year, many people reflect on the year. With that information, we plan to aim for a better year. Next year is not a year away; from the date of when this message, there are eighteen more days until the new year.
So here it is “goals” for the new year.

Dominate customer satisfaction and retention​
Source more local distributors
Expand presents in community events
Improve review systems by 46%
Implement Upfront Displayed Pricing Calculator on the Website.

Your help is needed for us to achieve these goals.

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