PPWND gives back to the kids. President Pierre Laguerre of PWND was featured at a Teach-in at a Seminole County public school. Teach-in is held every year at a select few Seminole County elementary schools. Companies from the community showcase their business and help children get a glimpse of life after school, and what their careers could look like.

President of PPWND Teaching kids about entrepreneurship

Pierre’s presentation was about entrepreneurship, and how to start a business. Students learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur and the different parts of a business, and shared different examples of businesses they have seen around. Students got to participate in the presentation with thought-provoking questions, they shared ideas for their future businesses and how they could go about starting their own. Students then got to visit other carrier paths like helicopter pilots, crime scene investigators, and construction workers.

Teach-in is an event that gets the students thinking about their future outside of the classroom. This helps students understand the reasoning for their classes, and why they need to do better now because it shows up in the future.