PPWND gives back to its communities

Community Giveback

It’s that time of year when we give back to the communities that have given so much to us. Last year PPWND showed their gratitude by posting on all social platforms to try to find people in need of driveway cleaning services but was plagued by financial hardship. This year we are stepping it up even more. In 2022 we are doing it a little differently. This year we will be offering a raffle-style drawing, that is open to everyone.

How will this raffle work?

Each household in Centeral Florida can fill out our giveaway contact form information. On December 10th, 2022 winners of the drawing will be notified and announced. From there we will schedule an appointment to service the winner’s driveway.

Giveaway Rules

  • Contestants must live in the central Florida area.
  • Contestants must have permission to service the driveway or are the owners of the home.
  • The contestants’ driveway must be the driveway on the giveaways form
  • Winnings cannot be transferred for cash value.
  • The contestant must agree to the giveaway rules.
  • The contestant understands and agrees that PPWND INC is not responsible for any damages.


PPWND gives back to the kids. President Pierre Laguerre of PWND has featured at Teach-in at Bentley Elementary School in Seminole County Public Schools.

President of PPWND Teaching kids about entrepreneurship

Pierre’s presentation was about entrepreneurship and how to start a business. Students learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur, the different parts of a business, and shared different examples of businesses. Students got to participate in the presentation with thought-provoking questions, they shared ideas for their future businesses and how they could go about starting their own. Students then got to visit other career paths like helicopter pilots, crime scene investigators, and construction workers.

Teach-in is an event that gets the students thinking about their future outside of the classroom. This helps students understand the importance of academics and why they need to do better now because it shows up in the future.

We’re Celebrating

1 Year Anniversary in Business as PPWND INC

We are in a year of celebration, and there is so much to be thankful for this year. PPWND INC is now one year older. This year under PPWND INC, we have transformed how we do business. Starting with the purchase of a fully customized pressure washing truck with all the bells and whistles that improves our wash times by 35%. We continue to uphold our focus standards for every interaction, Diamond Quality Service, and continue to back all our services with our Service Quality Guarantee.

Our teams have been beautifying every client’s home, investment property, and commercial business. Our ability to clean the exterior of various building types and heights has increased our footprint in the communities we serve.

This year was more than equipment upgrades and time-saving improvements. We went heads on with our technology opportunities. This year we implemented our technology front by implementing our own dedicated server. This server allows us more flexibility and access while on the road.

This year reflected our client’s trust, loyalty to the brand, the soundness of our mission, and our passion for serving the people that contribute to us. You showed up this year and we thank you for being the key to our success.

I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce you to the back-of-the-office team that is getting everything done. The back-of-the-office team is the engineering force that will propel us to be more reliable, reach higher heights, and keep our company competitive. We contracted two back-of-the-office personnel focusing on administration and sales, marketing, and advertising. This frees up more time for innovation and strategic planning.

We leave you with this.

Our mission is to be the driving force for innovation, that helps communities, families, and businesses.

Our Vision is

to be the highest paying wage per profession, while continuing to innovate the pressure washing community, and be a catalyst for other exterior cleaning companies to follow.

to be the most innovative company in our field

to be the most respected and appreciative company in our field

Picture of the Ian hurricane prediction to hit Florida's west coast peninsula.

10 Too Late Hurricane Preparation TIPS

The Better part of living in Florida has always been the sun. But the worst part is always the hurricanes. As Hurricane Ian finds its way to Florida shores, we pray that you have already prepared for this hurricane season. In case you have not already prepared, these tips could help.

1 Have an evacuation plan- If you are in a known flooding area, you should seek the nearest shelter, or stay with families or friends that are in a safer location that is not prone to flooding.

2. Bottled Water: During these times of panic, many people overbuy water. You need to stock up on water, but water bottles are not your only option.

Fill your bathtub with water. – this can be your nondrinking water. You can use this to flush the toilet after using and rinse dishes, and food before cooking.

Any used gallon jug or bottle can be refilled and stored with water. 

3. Don’t Forget the food. Canned goods are always your best bet when hunkering down, however, that’s everyone’s first plan, don’t forget about the dried fruits, vegetables, and jerky.

4. Batteries Batteries Batteries! Well, a generator is better, but if you’re here; chances are you did not prepare and don’t have a generator. Your best bet is batteries and battery backups. Everyone is looking for generators, but no one is looking for battery backups.

When or if the power goes out, your phone will not have access to power nor the ability to charge to be charged. A battery backup is equipped to hold enough power to operate a computer for up to an hour. This will give you several hours of battery charging times for your phone. Also, if you’re vehicles accessible you can still charge your phone from there as well.


5. keep your home clear of any debris that can be slung and cause damage to your home by high winds. Shares, decorations, loose items, etc.

6. If you have a battery-operated radio, keep tabs on the storm. Knowing what is coming can help you make the best decisions for your family and yourself.

7. If you don’t have a cash reserve, this is the time to. Banks might be closed, but you will be able to use your credit cards, however, during these times; strange things happen, but cash will always be king.

8. GAS, we all know what happens during a gas crisis. Make sure all your vehicles are FULL of gas, and if you have gas cans it wouldn’t a bad idea to fill them up too.

9. Cooking with no power means no hot food. Make sure your gill is ready to be used if the power goes out.

10. Finally. Be ready to entertain! Powers out, everything else too. If all else fails, pull out the board games and checkers board and get ready to play. Oh yeah, don’t forget the cards.

PPWND will be closed during the brunt of Hurricane Ian. We will resume normal operations after the storm. Please stay safe and prepared. We will be here ready to serve all of our communities.

PPWND will be closed during the brunt of Hurricane Ian. We will resume normal operations after the storm. Please stay safe and prepared. We will be here ready to serve all of our communities.

Author Pierre Laguerre
Title: PPWND President

Tiberius Interviews Pierre from PPWND

( Professional Pressure Washing & Detailing)

Tiberius Boy from The Tiberius Show asked Pierre from PPWND Inc about challenges pressure washing companies faces in the industry.

What is DOT looking for when they stop you ?

We all know that semi Truck driving is the key driver  of our economy. They are the ones that transport the goods to warehouses and store fronts. You can see by the rising of gas and  diesel prices how whatever impacts them impacts the economy.

One topic that is constantly brought up by truckers is DOT and DOT inspections. DOT inspections are the duty of the transportation authorities, and they mean serious business. Their job is to make sure that your semi truck and trailer are up to standard and are safe enough to be on the road. They want to make sure that you’re performing your pre checks and not being negligent and driving a safe semi down the road. Let’s face it: a semi at 80000 pounds with no breaks become a missile really quick. But, if you could avoid DOT all together, would you ?

What if I told you there was a better way to be invisible to DOT. From truck drivers to police officers all know that it is impossible to locate all the unsafe drivers driving down our interstates, so they have to rely on tactic. One big major red flag to them are dirty trucks. You better believe that if you’re riding down US highways and roads with a dirty truck, you are more likely to be stopped by DOT.

To DOT, a dirty semi truck is not a safe truck. Your Truck can be one of your biggest investments, and if you’re not willing to keep it clean, you’re probably more likely to skip routine maintenance on the truck, and might even be the type that only work on it after it breaks down. We all know everything is more dangerous on the side of the road, and it will always cost more because of it.

Our recommendation for semi trucks is to always do your pre check: you could be saving a life. You should get your truck washed every week, no less them every other week. Our recommendations will save lives, time, and money.

Big Rig Fleet Washing

New Truck, His Truck, Her Truck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck.

Big Rig Fleet Wash by PPWND

Big Rig Fleet Washing by PPWND is always exciting, and honorable. New Truck, His Truck, Her Truck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck. We get to be a part of keeping the world in order. Tuckers make sure that things are divided in a timely manner, they help distribute goods to stores in order for our lives to continue. From gas to good, clothing, to toilet paper; tuckers are a necessary part of our ecosystem. We at PPWND recognize the importance and want to thank all trucking companies, and drivers. We want to help by taking care of you Big Rig. PPWND offers the lowest prices, without sacrificing our diamond quality standards. We guarantee you that our was will process and is second to none, and you won’t be disappointed. We are Central Florida’s #1 Pressure washing company. Find out what our clients have to say about the services we provide. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. So if you don’t like the service that was provided, we guarantee you that we can make it better.

Pre-pay for your wash and save. You become a member when you pre-pay for your truck wash. When you’re a member your prices are different from nonmembers. Save today when you by becoming a member

This youtube video shows the process we take to clean each Semi. Old Truck, New Tuck, His Truck, Her Tuck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck. If you would like more information about our Big Rig Fleet Wash process or like to book your fleet of trucks visit BigRigFleetWash.com

Book your pressure washing services today PPWND Booking

Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized

Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized happened because of all the support from our current clients.

Last year we opened our business to our community and offered 🆓 driveway cleaning. This year we will do it even better. One day out of the week we will be giving away 1 driveway cleaning a week. We started a new YouTube channel to help support the efforts. How does this work? We will pick random YouTube subscribers in the Orange and Seminole county residents. These giveaways help us record the process and increase the reach to a broader audience. How much does it cost? A free YouTube subscription. What if you don’t have a YouTube? We can help you make one. What if you don’t want to make a YouTube account?
Send us an email about your story and how this will help you. To subscribe got to
it will redirect you to our YouTube channel. Click on the red subscribe button. Will you help us help the community?

PPWND’s Tech Pierre Reorganizes the enclosed trailer.

If you live in Central Florida please subscribe to start your chances at winning the giveaway. We are a full-service pressure washing company, so if you would like to support us by hiring us; go to ppwnd.com and click on the booking for a free estimate. We want to support our community that needs a helping hand, however, we need your support to make sure when can continue to help the ones that need it most.

Watch PPWND Tech Pierre Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized

watch the video on youtube

Ppwnd understands the changing world. We understand that people want different ways to pay, and for society to give them an option to pay for their service how they see fit. Today ppwnd would like to let you know that we’re with you, and we have been listening.

Starting October 28, 2021 you now are able to pay in crypto. No more cash problems, or even bother with your credit card. You are now able to send your payment directly to the PPWND Coinbase.com wallet.

more information will be shared soon.

What you should do before you decorate for the holiday season.

It’s the holiday season and we’re all eager to start the festivities and bring in the new year. Before you jump the gun, there are some things you need to know before you go holi-crazy.

Depending on the time you regularly get the exterior of your home cleaned, there might be grime, algae, fungus, and even bugs that live on the outer surfaces of your home. They inhabit the sides of your house, the roofs, the pool area, and even your driveways. These are all not spots for noisy neighbors.

All jokes aside, pressure cleaning the exterior of your home helps everyone, it helps your community, your family, it even helps yourself. Your home is an excretion of you. So what is your home saying about you?

Finding a pressure washing company can be quite easy. Go to google search pressure washers near me ppwnd and all the pressure washing companies near your will pop right up.


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