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We’re Celebrating

1 Year Anniversary in Business as PPWND INC

We are in a year of celebration, and there is so much to be thankful for this year. PPWND INC is now one year older. This year under PPWND INC, we have transformed how we do business. Starting with the purchase of a fully customized pressure washing truck with all the bells and whistles that improves our wash times by 35%. We continue to uphold our focus standards for every interaction, Diamond Quality Service, and continue to back all our services with our Service Quality Guarantee.

Our teams have been beautifying every client’s home, investment property, and commercial business. Our ability to clean the exterior of various building types and heights has increased our footprint in the communities we serve.

This year was more than equipment upgrades and time-saving improvements. We went heads on with our technology opportunities. This year we implemented our technology front by implementing our own dedicated server. This server allows us more flexibility and access while on the road.

This year reflected our client’s trust, loyalty to the brand, the soundness of our mission, and our passion for serving the people that contribute to us. You showed up this year and we thank you for being the key to our success.

I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce you to the back-of-the-office team that is getting everything done. The back-of-the-office team is the engineering force that will propel us to be more reliable, reach higher heights, and keep our company competitive. We contracted two back-of-the-office personnel focusing on administration and sales, marketing, and advertising. This frees up more time for innovation and strategic planning.

We leave you with this.

Our mission is to be the driving force for innovation, that helps communities, families, and businesses.

Our Vision is

to be the highest paying wage per profession, while continuing to innovate the pressure washing community, and be a catalyst for other exterior cleaning companies to follow.

to be the most innovative company in our field

to be the most respected and appreciative company in our field

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