Earlier this year, we expressed our gratitude to our clients by sending them a letter in which we vowed to become the top pressure-washing company that focuses on quality and transparency. While we have always prided ourselves on our exceptional quality, we have not always been forthcoming about our pricing with the general public. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have rectified that.

You can now easily access our pricing information at and compare it to the national average. While we may not be able to beat every price out there, we are confident that our superior quality of service will always surpass that of our competitors. PPWND Pressure Cleaning.

You Rocked this year


This year you helped PPWND accomplish so many goals and aspirations. Because of you, we pushed; we were able to improve so many challenges from the year before.

Wage increase and more shift opportunities 

CRM system implementation and training 
Employee uniforms and appearance standards 

Improvement of Customer acquisitions and relations 


At the end of each year, many people reflect on the year. With that information, we plan to aim for a better year. Next year is not a year away; from the date of when this message, there are eighteen more days until the new year.
So here it is “goals” for the new year.

Dominate customer satisfaction and retention​
Source more local distributors
Expand presents in community events
Improve review systems by 46%
Implement Upfront Displayed Pricing Calculator on the Website.

Your help is needed for us to achieve these goals.

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Big Rig Fleet Washing

Big Rig Fleet Washing

New Truck, His Truck, Her Truck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck.

Big Rig Fleet Wash by PPWND

Big Rig Fleet Washing by PPWND is always exciting, and honorable. New Truck, His Truck, Her Truck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck. We get to be a part of keeping the world in order. Tuckers make sure that things are divided in a timely manner, they help distribute goods to stores in order for our lives to continue. From gas to good, clothing, to toilet paper; tuckers are a necessary part of our ecosystem. We at PPWND recognize the importance and want to thank all trucking companies, and drivers. We want to help by taking care of you Big Rig. PPWND offers the lowest prices, without sacrificing our diamond quality standards. We guarantee you that our was will process and is second to none, and you won’t be disappointed. We are Central Florida’s #1 Pressure washing company. Find out what our clients have to say about the services we provide. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. So if you don’t like the service that was provided, we guarantee you that we can make it better.

Pre-pay for your wash and save. You become a member when you pre-pay for your truck wash. When you’re a member your prices are different from nonmembers. Save today when you by becoming a member

This youtube video shows the process we take to clean each Semi. Old Truck, New Tuck, His Truck, Her Tuck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck. If you would like more information about our Big Rig Fleet Wash process or like to book your fleet of trucks visit

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Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized

Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized happened because of all the support from our current clients.

Last year we opened our business to our community and offered 🆓 driveway cleaning. This year we will do it even better. One day out of the week we will be giving away 1 driveway cleaning a week. We started a new YouTube channel to help support the efforts. How does this work? We will pick random YouTube subscribers in the Orange and Seminole county residents. These giveaways help us record the process and increase the reach to a broader audience. How much does it cost? A free YouTube subscription. What if you don’t have a YouTube? We can help you make one. What if you don’t want to make a YouTube account?
Send us an email about your story and how this will help you. To subscribe got to
it will redirect you to our YouTube channel. Click on the red subscribe button. Will you help us help the community?

PPWND’s Tech Pierre Reorganizes the enclosed trailer.

If you live in Central Florida please subscribe to start your chances at winning the giveaway. We are a full-service pressure washing company, so if you would like to support us by hiring us; go to and click on the booking for a free estimate. We want to support our community that needs a helping hand, however, we need your support to make sure when can continue to help the ones that need it most.

Watch PPWND Tech Pierre Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized

watch the video on youtube

HOA VIolations

HOA Violations bumming you out?

Here are some things to think about before you get a violation

Being told how and what to do to your own home could be frustrating. maybe even annoying. But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way. HOA is made to unify the community under one common rule, and rules. Although, more times than non, these rules were there long before you got there, and will probably be there long after you’re gone. So here are some helpful tips to get with the program, and learn to navigate your HOA.

7 Common HOA Rule Violations—and How to Avoid Getting Fined

The best way to avoid fines is to stay in the loop with your community. Familiarize yourself with the CC&Rs, read community documents, attend community board meetings, pay attention to community updates, and ask questions when you think you might be in violation.

1. House design changes

Making any changes to the appearance or structure of your home—such as adding a new mailbox or paint job—requires getting permission from your HOA.

2. Smoking near neighbors

Other common violations are those that inconvenience other residents at the association, says David Swedelson, a community association attorney and a founding partner of SwedelsonGottlieb in Los Angeles.

3. Pets

HOAs may impose limits on pets in the community, including the number of pets you own; the specific breeds allowed; where pets can be walked; and whether or not they must be kept on a leash.

4. Illegal rentals

Thinking of renting out your home on Airbnb? Many HOAs require written permission to allow rental of your home, since renters may not be aware of the association rules. Given the popularity of short-term rentals, Swedelson says his firm is increasingly seeing violations surrounding this issue.

Making a little cash on the side is great, but be sure you’re in compliance with your community’s rules before renting out your place.

5. Landscaping, decorations, and other exterior upkeep

Overgrown weeds and lawns are a big no-no in an HOA community. Dirty roof, driveway, or house? These are also situations in which you’d need to check with the HOA. Some boards even limit the types of trees and plants that are acceptable and where they can be located on your property.

Most HOAs also prohibit clutter outside your home. This includes outside storage. An HOA may take issue with things like bicycles or kayaks being stored outside in plain sight.

And during the holidays, HOA rules may limit how long before and after a holiday you can decorate the home’s exterior, including the size and type of decoration.

6. Motor vehicles

Many HOAs have rules on the number and types of vehicles (and boats, RVs, etc.) that can be parked in your driveway or on the street.

7. Garbage

Most HOAs are strict about putting trash cans out too early or not bringing them in on time. Be careful about bulky items you throw out, such as furniture items or boxes that haven’t been broken down—your board might have a problem with them being left on the curb.

Full article here,limits%20on%20pets%20in%20the%20community%2C…%20More%20

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