DOT do not like dirty

What is DOT looking for when they stop you ?

We all know that semi Truck driving is the key driver  of our economy. They are the ones that transport the goods to warehouses and store fronts. You can see by the rising of gas and  diesel prices how whatever impacts them impacts the economy.

One topic that is constantly brought up by truckers is DOT and DOT inspections. DOT inspections are the duty of the transportation authorities, and they mean serious business. Their job is to make sure that your semi truck and trailer are up to standard and are safe enough to be on the road. They want to make sure that you’re performing your pre checks and not being negligent and driving a safe semi down the road. Let’s face it: a semi at 80000 pounds with no breaks become a missile really quick. But, if you could avoid DOT all together, would you ?

What if I told you there was a better way to be invisible to DOT. From truck drivers to police officers all know that it is impossible to locate all the unsafe drivers driving down our interstates, so they have to rely on tactic. One big major red flag to them are dirty trucks. You better believe that if you’re riding down US highways and roads with a dirty truck, you are more likely to be stopped by DOT.

To DOT, a dirty semi truck is not a safe truck. Your Truck can be one of your biggest investments, and if you’re not willing to keep it clean, you’re probably more likely to skip routine maintenance on the truck, and might even be the type that only work on it after it breaks down. We all know everything is more dangerous on the side of the road, and it will always cost more because of it.

Our recommendation for semi trucks is to always do your pre check: you could be saving a life. You should get your truck washed every week, no less them every other week. Our recommendations will save lives, time, and money.


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