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PPWND gives back to its communities Community Giveback It’s that time of year when we give back to the communities that have given so much to us. Last year PPWND showed their gratitude by posting on all social platforms to try to find people in need of driveway cleaning services but was plagued by financial […]


PPWND gives back to the kids

PPWND gives back to the kids. President Pierre Laguerre of PWND has featured at Teach-in at Bentley Elementary School in Seminole County Public Schools. Pierre’s presentation was about entrepreneurship and how to start a business. Students learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur, the different parts of a business, and shared different examples of […]


lets celebrate

We’re Celebrating 1 Year Anniversary in Business as PPWND INC We are in a year of celebration, and there is so much to be thankful for this year. PPWND INC is now one year older. This year under PPWND INC, we have transformed how we do business. Starting with the purchase of a fully customized […]

10 Too Late Hurricane Preparation TIPS

10 Too Late Hurricane Preparation TIPS The Better part of living in Florida has always been the sun. But the worst part is always the hurricanes. As Hurricane Ian finds its way to Florida shores, we pray that you have already prepared for this hurricane season. In case you have not already prepared, these tips […]


DOT do not like dirty

We all know that semi Truck driving is the key driver  of our economy. They are the ones that transport the goods to warehouses and store fronts. You can see by the rising of gas and  diesel prices how whatever impacts them impacts the economy. One topic that is constantly brought up by truckers is […]

Big Rig Fleet Washing

Big Rig Fleet Washing New Truck, His Truck, Her Truck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s our Truck. Big Rig Fleet Wash by PPWND Big Rig Fleet Washing by PPWND is always exciting, and honorable. New Truck, His Truck, Her Truck, we don’t give a Duck, We’ll clean it likes it’s […]


Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized Pressure Washer enclosed-trailer reorganized happened because of all the support from our current clients. Last year we opened our business to our community and offered 🆓 driveway cleaning. This year we will do it even better. One day out of the week we will be giving away 1 driveway cleaning a […]

PPWND now accepting crypto currency for payment of services

Ppwnd understands the changing world. We understand that people want different ways to pay, and for society to give them an option to pay for their service how they see fit. Today ppwnd would like to let you know that we’re with you, and we have been listening. Starting October 28, 2021 you now are […]


ppwnd holiday season ideas

What you should do before you decorate for the holiday season. It’s the holiday season and we’re all eager to start the festivities and bring in the new year. Before you jump the gun, there are some things you need to know before you go holi-crazy. Depending on the time you regularly get the exterior […]